“Welcome Everyone” to my inspirational
Magical Children’s book “Two Magical Adventures.”

I love Nature and my favourite thing is to be still and listen to the sounds Mother Earth playfully creates. My passion is singing and included in my book are three songs so everyone can create their own magical tunes. As a little girl, I always loved singing to the Fairies, and my imagination ran wild.
Debra Lee
Debra Lee
Two Magical Adventures Debra Lee

Two Magical Adventures:

The Magical Travelling Rock and the Magical Nature Spirit

Two Magical Adventures includes two inspiring stories about believing in yourself and loving who you are. The Magical Travelling Rock is about a courageous rock who loves to sing, and dares to travel the world and share his magic. The Magical Nature Spirit is about a mischievous little nature-spirit girl who lives in the healing garden of a kindhearted lady and has always dreamed of playing in her magical house.

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